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People find me to be self-sufficient, creative and self-motivated in projects and research. With a background in computer engineering and a double major master degree in communications system & networks and biomedical engineering, I see myself being an asset in interdisciplinary projects and research areas. I am passionate about solving real-world security and privacy problems and I try to deploy my diverse background for that purpose.

My Education



Indiana University Bloomington

Computer Science

Doctor of Philosophy

I am currently a PhD student and an Associate Instructor (and sometime a co-instructor) at Indiana University Bloomington. I am also a member of the Prof. Camp's research group, working on security and privacy projects.


Tampere University of Technology

Biomedical Engineering & Information Technology

Master of Science

I started my master studies at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland, studying Biomedical Engineering. In the second year of my master, I changed my degree type to a double major degree: biomedical engineering with a focus area on medical instrumentation and Information Technology with a focus area on Communication systems and networks. During my master studies, I also had extracurricular research in parallel computing, computational neuroscience, bioinformatics, and systems modelling.


Iran University of Science and Technology

Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science

I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a major in computer hardware from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Tehran, Iran. During my bachelor I became involved in network traffic analysis and modelling as well as basic image processing. In the final year of my bachelor, I decided to continue my studies to master's level in an interdisciplinary field combining computer science and biomedical engineering to apply my knowledge of compute science in health-care.

My Research History


Journal Articles

Andalibi, V., Russo, G., Christophe, F., Mikkonen, T., Camp, L. J., (2018, Submitted). Avoiding the Paradox: The improvement of spoofing countermeasures for protecting web privacy, International Journal of Embedded and Real-Time Communication Systems

Andalibi, V., Hokkanen, H., Vanni, S., (2017, In Revision). CxSystem, a flexible cortical simulation framework, Neural Computation Journal

Andalibi, V., Christophe, F., Laukkarinen, T., Mikkonen, T., (2016, Accepted). Effective connectivity analysis in brain networks: a GPU-Accelerated Implementation of the Cox Method, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing

Honko, H., Andalibi, V., Aaltonen, T., Parak, J., Saaranen, M., Viik, J., Korhonen, I., (2015, Accepted). W2E - Wellness Warehouse Engine for Semantic Interoperability of Consumer Health Data, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Christophe, F., Andalibi, V., Laukkarinen, T., Mikkonen, T., Koskimies, K., (2015, Accepted). Survey and Evaluation of Neural Computation Models for Bio-Integrated Systems, Nano Communication Networks Journal

Christophe, F., Laukkarinen, T., Mikkonen, T., Massera, J., Andalibi, V., (2015, Accepted). Building Wireless Sensor Networks with Biological Cultures: Components and Integration Challenges, International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems.

Conference Articles

Andalibi, V., Christophe, F., Mikkonen, T., (2017, Accepted). Analysis of paradoxes in fingerprint countermeasures , 21st FRUCT Conference

Andalibi, V., Hokkanen, H., Vanni, S., (2017, Accepted). Efficient simulation platform for the cerebral cortex, Computational Neurology 2017

Andalibi, V., Aaltonen, T., Christophe, F., Mikkonen, T., (2016, Accepted). SiMEA: a Framework for simulating neurons on Multi-Electrode Array, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

Christophe, F., Andalibi, V., Lenk, K., Mikkonen, T., Hyttinen, J., (2016, Accepted). From In-Silico Spiking Neural Networks to In-Vitro Neural Networks, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

Andalibi, V., Honko, H., Christophe, F., Viik, J., (2015, Accepted). Data Correction for Seven Activity Trackers Based on Regression Models, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

Christophe, F., Mikkonen, T., Andalibi, V., Koskimies, K., Laukkarinen, T. (2015, Accepted). Pattern recognition with Spiking Neural Networks: a simple training method, 14th Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools

My Achievements

Honors and Awards

EMBS Open Finalist

I had the honor to have my paper [SiMEA: a Framework for simulating neurons on Multi-Electrode Array] selected as a finalist of the Student Paper Competition (SPC) in The 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'16), Florida, USA.

Demola Tampere Best Project Award

Our project won the best project award and Intel, as our project partner, licensed our product based on our prototype.

My Background


2017 January - Present

Indiana University Bloomington

Associate Instructor

Job Description

I am a PhD student and associate instructor (and sometime co-instructor) at Indiana University Bloomington. Currently, I have been an AI for Introduction to Programming, Introduction to the Mathematics of Cybersecurity, and in spring 2018 DongInn Kim, Gianpaolo Russo and I will be co-instructing the CyberDefense Competition Course.

2016 February - 2016 December

University of Helsinki

Research Assistant

Job Description

As a member of the Visual Neuroscience group in Helsinki University Central Hospital, my duty was to design and implement a brain cortex simulator in python on top of Brian2 library. This simulator is compatible with Brian2 stand-alone devices, i.e. C++ and GeNN (CUDA).

2015 July - 2015 December

Tampere University of Technology

Research Assistant

Job Description

Developing a MEA-plate simulator as well as utilizing the simulation of spiking neuronal networks were for simple pattern recognition tasks. (Funded by Academy of Finland)

2014 November - 2015 May

Tampere University of Technology

Research Assistant - Master Thesis Worker

Job Description

I started to work on my master thesis in department of Pervasive Computing. The goal of my master thesis was to design and implement a realistic model of neuronal activity in MEA plates in order to create a simulated bio-integrated wireless sensor network. In another part, functional connectivity analysis of the neuronal networks were implemented both in MATLAB and CUDA (PyCUDA) and the performance improvement was evaluated.

This research project was funded by the Academy of Finland under project number 278882, entitled Bio-integrated Software Development for Adaptive Sensor Networks.


  • Ilkka Korhonen


    Vafa has worked in our research team (Personal Health Informatics, Dept Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology). He carried out a research project on evaluation of seven different activity trackers and developed a methodology to harmonize their outputs. Vafa has completed all his tasks independently and with diligence. I can warmly recommend him to any research projects in the area of biomedical engineering and signal processing!

  • Jari Viik


    Reference available upon request.

  • Tommi Mikkonen


    Vafa has been studying at Tampere University of Technology, and he is presently employed by my department (Dept. Pervasive Computing). During the time he has been working at the department, I have been happy to see him prove himself as a bright, well-motivated and hard-working student as well as a talented researcher/research assistant, who also has a lot of potential for further achievements. At the personal level, Mr. Andalibi has proven himself to be an intelligent, pleasant and polite young man.

  • Morteza AnaLoui

    Associate Professor

    Reference available upon request.

  • Francois Christophe

    Post Doc Researcher

    Vafa is a very talented Master Student finalizing his master degree with a double major in Communication Systems and Networks and in Biomedical Engineering. His hard-working attitude and commitment to finalizing his projects have already produced outstanding publications of high quality. I have the pleasure to instruct him during his master thesis work. Part of his thesis work gave birth to a journal article submitted to IEEE JSTSP where he is first author. Vafa is strongly motivated in pursuing D.Sc. studies and has the capacity to adapt and learn in any discipline.

What I’m best at








CTF Skills



  • UML
  • GIT
  • LaTeX
  • Eclipse
  • Pycharm
  • MS-Office
  • Adobe Photoshop

My Hobbies &


  • Music


    Music is my lifelong interest. I compose and arrange music from time to time and play four musical instruments: Piano, Tar, Setar and Tonbak. I am also member of Teekkarikuoro, i.e. choir group of engineering students of Tampere. I love classical, Jazz and Traditional Iranian music.

  • Articles

    Journal Articles

    I follow some journals and conferences related to my research areas of interest at my leisure, e.g. TIFS, EMBC and IMCS. On top of that, I read recommended online articles published in scientific magazine such as Technology Review and Wired.

  • Coding


    I literally enjoy coding in any programming language. The research becomes more interesting when it intersects programming and that is when I will be engrossed in the research.

  • Technology

    Latest Gadgets

    I am eager to learn about and work with new gadgets. It is of most interest to me when the gadget is meant for development or programming, e.g. Raspberry Pi mini computer.

  • Sports


    Doing sports, e.g. jogging, volleyball and swimming, is part of my interests. I believe disciplining oneself to do sport on a regular basis, although difficult, is the high-road to a healthy mind.

  • Podcast


    Podcasts could be informative and brain-boosting, if selected wisely. I usually listen to my podcast collection at my dead times.

  • Tutoring


    I was tutor of new exchange students in TUT. As long as I have time for it, I volunteer to help new coming students because it makes me happy that I am helping others.

  • Photography


    Photographing is among my absorbing hobbies. I firmly believe that it changes the way I see things and helps me to express my perspectives. I also have an official photography certificate from Iran ministry of culture.


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