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Some CTF qualifier somewhere

The "Interesting" input

This binary asked for some input to generate the flag. A sym.check function shines in main:

    This function has 3 important parts:
  1. A check for length of the password which should be at least 0x13 or 19 characters, as shown in the figure with number 1.
  2. First four letters, indicated by 2 in the figure, implying a password starting with aqua.
  3. A for loop indicated by 3 in the figure, which is almost the most challenging (still trivial) part. The for loop is checking the last character of the input and compares it with the first character, and both cursors move towards each other. This means the password could be anything that starts with aqua and ends with auqa and has mirrored characters in the middle part.

Not-so-weird indirect addressing

Segfault with wrong password. Nice. Notice the high-probably-interesting sym.get_number in main which looks like this:

This is the documentation for strtol(). Here it's converting the number in the input to base 10 number. eax will contain the address of the converted variable. Let's go to the check in the main:

    Note what's happening in the two lines:
  1. The first line is putting the value of the address in eax into eax. This means that the output of strtol() should be an address.
  2. That value of that address should be the hex value that you in the figure starting with dead (let's stop being SEO friendly a little bit to prevent spoilers :] ).

So, we use the same address and try to tailor the input to produce that particular address for us (use some base10 to hex converter).

Some weird pattern guiding challenge

    In this one, the goal is to guide someone somewhere. In the main function the followings symbols are interesting:
  1. sym.graph_gen
  2. sym.traverse
  3. sym.win / sym.lose
  4. There is a stack checker and a very weird function called print_board even though there is no sign on drawing the board any where. Probably with some special input or maybe after winning? Anyways, the graph_gen seems to generate some random path which and sym.traverse uses an input which should be based on R and D characters (probably right and down?).


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